What makes us distinctly Bitwise Industries is our ability to be humans. Yes, we’re technology professionals pioneering a crucial tech movement, but at the heart of our mission, we’re all just humans. We talk informally and from the heart, but we’re also professional, passionate, and fiercely mission-driven. We strive to communicate in an authentic, straightforward manner—but we can also be playful and whimsical.


Our functional tone aims to communicate in a clear, concise manner that’s easy to digest. We try to be informative and helpful by addressing the needs of our audience, so their user experience is understandable and enjoyable, no matter their end goal.


Our expressive tone tends to be more playful and informal. We use expressive copy to move minds with our passion and unwavering mission to grow economies and lives through technology. We use this kind of copy to talk about our journey and the moving stories of our humans.


Brand Colors

Our brand is built on a family of blue hues. Just as the sky and the sea are blue, both are vastly unexplored and limitless—as is the human potential we seek to ignite in tech. Our palette is bright and vibrant, symbolizing wisdom, responsibility and reliability. Our blue family also communicates peace, strength, and serenity. 

*Hex codes only, print match-up available upon request. 



Our primary typography is Avenir. This sans serif font brings our brand to life and communicates our underlying hope for the future of technology growth. (Did you know? Avenir is French for future.)




The most important element surrounding our brand is our humans. Our selection of photography should be authentic, inclusive to all genders and ethnicities, and approachable. Our imagery should showcase the excitement of life and the liveliness of community, as well as hopefulness, passion, and joy. All included photography is copyright-protected and meant for reference only; not for use.


We’re proud of our locations and our vibrant spaces. Our photography should include macro and micro views of our unique buildings, high-tech common areas, colorful murals, and natural light illuminating the bustling life inside and out.

Contact Us

This brand guide should be used with other, more specific guides around each element of our brand. Please email us if you have any further questions.